Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQs") regarding WonkCoin, Inc. and WonkCoin are inserted below.

WonkCoin, Inc. is domiciled in the United States ... WonkCoin, Inc. is a Florida corporation ... Florida is a Member State of the United States.

WonkCoin is a digital currency ... the WonkCoin Platform mints WonkCoin ... accordingly, WonkCoin, Inc. is “Creator-of-Record” regarding WonkCoin; hence; WonkCoin, Inc. and therefore WonkCoin, Inc.'s Website that is located on the Internet at www.WonkCoin.com.

WonkCoin is a "utility" coin ... WonkCoin is not a "stable" coin.

Yes ... WonkCoin, Inc.'s intended purpose for WonkCoin is that WonkCoin can be used throughout much of the world to conduct peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions ... as a WonkCoin based peer-to-peer (P2P) transaction is conducted it must settle on the WonkCoin Platform in order to be posted within the applicable WonkCoin Accounts in WonkCoin, Inc. ... in the event that such settles elsewhere it will not be posted within any WonkCoin Account in WonkCoin, Inc.

The WonkCoin Platform when fully built/tested/launched will consist of and will have thereon WonkCoin, Inc.'s designated components such as the WonkCoin Wallets, the WonkCoin App(s), WonkCoin, Inc.'s database, the WonkCoin Reseller dashboard and more ... the WonkCoin Platform is a must-have in order for WonkCoin, Inc. to create, use, offer, sell, issue, release, track, maintain and support WonkCoin ... furthermore, the WonkCoin Platform is a must-have in order to track, support and maintain the WonkCoin based peer-to-peer (P2P) payment network.

According to WonkCoin Inc.'s current strategy and its applicable corporate resolution the maximum amount of WonkCoin that can be created is one hundred sextillion (100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) WonkCoin.

No ... WonkCoin is not subject to any fixed price.

No ... according to WonkCoin, Inc.'s current strategy it will not redeem any WonkCoin when owned by a third party.

Check ... at this junction the "primary" way that you can pay to purchase WonkCoin from WonkCoin, Inc. is via your check in favor of WonkCoin, Inc. ... your check must be tagged to your bank account within a bank that is located in the United States ... your check must be issued to WonkCoin, Inc. ... furthermore, your check may be a physical check that you deliver/present to WonkCoin, Inc. [or] your check may be an e-check via WonkCoin, Inc.'s designated e-check processor in order to benefit WonkCoin, Inc. [or] your check may be an "InstantCheck" via WonkCoin, Inc.'s designated check processor in order to benefit WonkCoin, Inc.

The price of WonkCoin is US$ 00.00000005 ... sign up or log in now then purchase WonkCoin ... www.WonkCoin.com.

Go to www.WonkCoin.com then register via our "Sign Up" form in order to open a WonkCoin Account in WonkCoin, Inc. ... thereafter "Log In" then you may be able to purchase WonkCoin.

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