WonkCoin, Inc. and WCI are one and the same herein.

  1. WonkCoin, Inc. creates; i.e., mints, its own cryptocurrenty. WonkCoin, Inc.'s own crytocurrency is WonkCoin; hence, WonkCoin, Inc. and therefore its website that is located on the Internet at
  2. Prior to the close of year 2019 WonkCoin, Inc. sold a few stock warrants that can be converted to common shares in WonkCoin, Inc.
  3. Prior to the close of year 2019 WonkCoin, Inc. obtained the exclusive use of a dedicated server. The dedicated server has been reasonably built and it has WCI's designated files and more thereon. The dedicated server seems to function as intended. Therefore, WonkCoin, Inc. and WonkCoin are launched onto the Inernet via that dedciated server.
  4. 4 March 2020 ... the Board of Directors that serve WonkCoin, Inc. authorized WCI to create; i.e., mint, one hundred sextillion (100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) WonkCoin.

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