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WonkCoin, Inc.

WonkCoin, Inc. is a Florida corporation. Florida is a Member State of
the United States. WonkCoin, Inc.’s Address of Record is WonkCoin, Inc.,
11962 County Road 101, Suite 302 #14, The Villages, Florida 32162

WonkCoin, Inc.’s website is located on the Internet at

WonkCoin, Inc. and WCI are one and the same herein.

WCI’s “Need Credit? No Problem!” policy is enclosed below.

In the event that a WonkCoin Purchaser (“Purchaser”) directly purchases WonkCoin from WonkCoin, Inc. then according to WCI’s “Need Credit? No Problem!” policy WCI will provide credit to the Purchaser if applicable credit is timely requested by the Purchaser. The credit limit is limited to no more than fifty (50.00%) percent of the total purchase price of the applicable WonkCoin but no less than one hundred (US$ 100) dollars. The applicable debt (“Debt”) due WCI is in favor of WonkCoin, Inc. but may be assigned and/or pledged by WCI to its designee(s). In addition, WCI may sell the Debt.

The Debt lacks interest.

Collateral regarding the Debt will be limited to the WonkCoin that the Purchaser has in its own applicable WonkCoin Account in WCI. The Debt may be paid in one or more payments but must be paid in full within six months of its issuance date. WCI’s acceptance of the Debt will occur after the Purchaser provides to WCI the Purchaser's current login information; i.e., username and password, regarding the Purchaser's own applicable WonkCoin Account in WCI but only if the Purchaser agrees to not change its password until the Debt has been paid in full. Thereafter, regarding Debt due WCI the WonkCoin that the Purchaser has in its own applicable WonkCoin Account in WCI will not be blocked; therefore, ready to be used via the WonkCoin Platform.

In the event that the Debt is not paid in full as agreed then WCI has the right to conduct whatever in order for WCI to take possession; i.e., ownership, of all WonkCoin that the Purchaser’s own applicable WonkCoin Account in WCI has therein.

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