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Click hereon if you seek to start your own
cryptocurrency biz; i.e., your own WonkCoin biz.

WonkCoin, Inc. and WCI are one and the same herein.

Start your own cryptocurrency business; i.e., your own WonkCoin business.

As a WonkCoin Reseller; i.e., a wholesaler, you can directly purchase Extremely
Discounted WonkCoin
from WCI then offer to resell your own WonkCoin. As you resell
your WonkCoin; (a) you determine the resale price of such not WCI; (b) your customers
directly pay you not WCI; and (c) you can accept your customer’s whatever; e.g., cash,
check, BitCoin, as your customers directly pay you not WCI. Let's do this.


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