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WonkCoin, Inc. is a Florida corporation. Florida is a Member State of the United States. WonkCoin, Inc.’s address of record is WonkCoin, Inc., 11962 County Road 101, Suite 302 #14, The Villages, Florida 32162. The Founder of WonkCoin, Inc. is Michael Smith. Mr. Smith lives in The Villages. Mr. Smith has lived in The Villages for more than ten years. WonkCoin, Inc. and WCI are one and the same herein.

WCI has launched its platform; i.e., WonkCoin Platform. The WonkCoin Platform enables WCI’s own cryptocurrency to be created thereon. WCI’s own cryptocurrency is WonkCoin. As WonkCoin is created it must be created on WCI’s WonkCoin Platform. Therefore, WCI is Creator-of-Record regarding WonkCoin; hence, WonkCoin, Inc. and therefore its Website that is located on the Internet at www.WonkCoin.com. The WonkCoin Platform enables WonkCoin to be used thereon to conduct peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions throughout much of the world that must settle thereon in order to be posted within the applicable WonkCoin Accounts in WCI. WCI seeks to Flood-The-Zone; i.e., much of the world, with trillions, quadrillions, quintillions and sextillions of WonkCoin. According to WCI’s current strategy WCI is authorized to create fifty five sextillion (55,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) WonkCoin. WonkCoin is a “utility” coin. WonkCoin is not a “security” coin. According to WCI’s current strategy it will not redeem any WonkCoin when owned by a third party.


The most popular cryptocurrency is BitCoin
WonkCoin is not BitCoin ... WonkCoin is WonkCoin

Of the BitCoin each is divided into one hundred
million (100,000,000) units. Of the units (100,000,000) per
BitCoin each is referred to as Satoshi. WonkCoin is not divisible.
As a WonkCoin is sold it will be sold in whole; not sold in-part.

Founder's Special Offering of WonkCoin

WonkCoin, Inc. hereby according to its Founder’s Special Offering of WonkCoin offers to sell five thousand (5,000) units of WonkCoin. Of the units of WonkCoin each unit (“UNIT”) will consist of a total of twenty five trillion (25,000,000,000,000) WonkCoin. The price of the UNIT is ninety five (US$ 95) dollars.

Bonus: In the event that the purchaser pays to purchase three or more UNITS the purchaser will receive a bonus in its WonkCoin Account in WCI. The bonus is twenty five trillion (25,000,000,000,000) WonkCoin per UNIT equivalent to fifty trillion (50,000,000,000,000) WonkCoin per UNIT.

The UNIT purchaser’s check must be issued to WonkCoin, Inc.

WCI’s intended market is much of the world. Therefore, WCI offers to sell WonkCoin throughout much of the world. In addition, WCI seeks to; (a) develop throughout much of the world a network of several thousand wholesalers; i.e., WonkCoin Resellers, that can buy very deeply discounted WonkCoin from WCI then offer to resell such; (b) WCI seeks to open a WonkCoin based cryptocurrency exchange; e.g., WonkCoin Exchange; (c) WCI seeks to open a cryptocurrency friendly bank; and (d) more. Said more includes WCI seeking to cause WonkCoin to become the Coin-of-Choice that is used the most throughout much of the world to conduct peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions. There is no guarantee that; (a) WonkCoin will become said Coin-of-Choice; (b) that WCI will open a WonkCoin based cryptocurrency exchange; e.g., WonkCoin Exchange; and (c) that WCI will open a cryptocurrency friendly bank.

Prior to you purchasing any of the UNITS you must have a WonkCoin Account in WCI. In the event that you seek to purchase any of the UNITS please send an email message to OurFounder@WonkCoin.com with therein; (a) your name; (b) your email address; and (c) your telephone number. However, if you have connected with a WonkCoin Sales Agent please contact that WonkCoin Sales Agent. Otherwise, please contact our Founder; i.e., Michael Smith. Mr. Smith can be reached via email at OurFounder@WonkCoin.com or via telephone at 919-665-2646.



Caution: ... (a) WonkCoin is a utility coin; (b) WonkCoin is not a security coin; (c) WonkCoin is not an investment in WonkCoin, Inc.; (d) according to WCI's current strategy WCI will not redeem any WonkCoin when owned by a third party; (e) WonkCoin lacks a market value; (f) WonkCoin may never have a market value; (g) there is no guarantee that WonkCoin will be accepted in order to conduct peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions; and (h) in order to receive WonkCoin from WCI the recipient must have a WonkCoin Account in WCI.

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